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Suspension of Remote Learning

November 6, 2020


Dear West Hardin Families,


The West Hardin School Board and administration are so grateful to all students, teachers, staff, and parents who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, personal sacrifice and professionalism throughout this challenging time of having school during COVID-19. Together we make a great team!


Beginning Monday, November 30, 2020, remote instruction for West Hardin students will no longer be available. All students currently receiving remote instruction are expected to return to on-campus learning on Monday, November 30th. Current remote learners may return earlier if they choose. Our decision to suspend remote learning is based primarily on the tremendous learning gap that we are seeing between students learning on-campus and students learning remotely.  


We will continue to follow the health and safety protocols that we have in place and any additional guidance we may receive from our local and state health officials. The daily precautions that we have been following have been successful. We have no reported positive cases among students or staff in the last 5 weeks and no students who have been quarantined during this same time.


WH will continue to provide temporary remote instruction to: 

  1. Students who are asked to quarantine due to close contact exposure to COVID-19
  2. Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 
  3. Students who are medically fragile and/or have been placed on homebound by an ARD committee 


Our decision to suspend remote learning and return to 100% on-campus instruction was made after careful consideration of what we feel is best for all students.  It is our hope that all students will return to on-campus learning.  However, we do recognize and respect that some parents may not feel comfortable sending their student(s) back.  Parents who choose not to send their student(s) back at this time have 3 options:   

  1. Withdraw your student(s) to homeschool 
  2. Withdraw and enroll your student(s) in a private school 
  3. Withdraw and transfer your student(s) to a school district that offers remote learning

Again, it is our hope that all students will return to on-campus learning.  However, if parents need assistance with any of the options listed above, please click this link for Outside Remote Learning Options.


All returning students must bring their device with them when they come back for on-campus instruction but may keep their hotspot at home.  Students choosing not to return to on-campus instruction must turn in their device, case, hot spot, and charger at the time of withdrawal.


Thank you parents for all you have done to support your student(s) during these extraordinary times.  The year 2020 has brought challenges to our students, staff and community that we have not seen before. 

We are all looking forward to getting past this COVID-19 situation and we will continue working together to provide quality learning opportunities for our most precious asset, our children. 


Thank you and Go Oilers!

Jim Armstrong, Superintendent