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Posted by: Shawn Buser
Published: 11/21/14

Elementary: Carly Ruckel


Ms. Carly Ruckel teaches 4th grade Reading and Writing.  Ms. Ruckel always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude with her students and her co-workers.  Her classroom is a fun and interactive environment for her students.  Ms. Ruckel is new to the campus of West Hardin Elementary, but she has shown that she is a true asset through her teamwork and her willingness to assist others. 

Secondary: Mike Tucker


Mr. Mike Tucker is the Band Director for West Hardin CCISD.  He does an amazing job with the band, both middle school and high school.  Mr. Tucker is admired by his peers for his patience, his dedication, and his challenge for excellence with his students.  He works with students after school and on weekends to ensure that they perform well and have confidence in themselves.  Mr. Tucker is a true asset to the district of West Hardin!

Now accepting Transfers

West Hardin is now accepting transfers.  Please download this packet and read through for details or you may contact the front office for further details.

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